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As most of us are well aware, finding the time to keep our financial lives organized and being sure we are making informed decisions that are appropriate for us and for our families’ financial future is a challenge.
In today’s fast-paced “information age,” we are faced with a deluge of information that becomes an ever-increasing challenge to sort through and make sense of. Financial advice is available on the internet, in magazines, and on radio and television talk shows.
All of these sources can be informative; however, for most individuals it is often fragmented, contradictory, and lacks context for your personal situation.
Trying to understand all of this information can be confusing and overwhelming and does not help answer important questions that are unique to your situation, such as:

  • What investments should I include in my portfolio? Stocks? Real Estate? Commodities?
  • When should I buy and sell specific asset classes? How much will I need for my retirement?
  • What impact will inflation and health care costs have on my retirement funds?
  • What strategies should I consider for college planning and funding?
  • How can I educate my children about money and finances?
  • Which type of mortgage should I get when I refinance or buy a home?

For over 20 years we have been helping our clients answer these and other important financial planning and investment management questions. Some of the many benefits you can expect when you retain Raymond R. Patsy, CFP as your Financial Planner and Investment Manager Manager are:

  • We can provide answers to all your Financial Planning and Investment Management questions with objective and unbiased advice.
  • As part of the Raymond Patsy and Associates, LLC family, you will have the confidence that you are making informed financial decisions that are appropriate for you and your family’s unique circumstances.
  • You will have the benefits of clarity, organization, direction, and meaning in all your financial decisions.
  • By retaining the services of the experienced professionals at Raymond Patsy and Associates, LLC, you will enjoy a return of one of your most valuable assets - "time”: time to spend with your family, your children and grandchildren, and your friends.
  • Implementing an ongoing, proactive approach and coordinating and managing today’s financial decisions can help you to establish a lasting legacy to your children and grandchildren.
  • We will help you gain confidence in all your financial decisions and we will help you better understand the impact of your financial decisions on all areas of your financial life.
  • You will be able to delegate the responsibility for managing and monitoring your financial plan and investment portfolio to experienced professionals.